Instagram Influencer Affiliate Plan

We from SHYOBE - Show your beauty, are looking for partners to help us get exposure to the masses by promoting our store and products through popular social media channels. This works extremely well for individuals who have a significant following on Instagram or have a pretty good engagement on their posts. 
You get a 20% commission on every single product people buy through your personal affiliate link. And even better than that? We have a 30 days cookie time period which means even if someone shops at our store within the next 30 days after clicking your link you'll still get paid your commission.
You can always directly log-in into your own affiliate partner dashboard and see how much you earned so far and every other statistics you might want to see. You can post whenever you like it's totally up to you. No requirements at all.

We have many bonuses such as sending every of our affiliates a product of their choice for every 20 orders we get in from their unique affiliate link or an own discount code for their audience after 100 orders and many other bonuses.

So in case you should be interested you can directly sign up at: and start earning as soon as you start posting products from our website: just start sharing your personal affiliate link which you will see inside your dashboard once you signed up.



1. All you have to do is simply complete the form below and be sure to include your best Email address.

2. You will then receive an Email with your affiliate link to place on your bio page (Instagram) or to promote however you wish. Your link includes your unique ID which will track your sales and the 20% commissions.

3. Get paid, it´s just that simple. 


Feel free to ask me anything you would like to know in case you should have some questions.

Kind Regards,
Leo from Shyobe